Time Line for Scout Patrol Leader




  1. Plan type of trip: length, purpose, where, etc. Try to inclu de some kind of advancement activity, such as scout skills or merit badge work;
  2. Find Adults to go on trip; With help from Adult leader, prepare flier for distribution;
  3. Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to set up an evite. Include all event details, Adult leader information, required forms, links to relevant sites and any other information to put in the evite. Evite will be sent out and the adult leader w ill be instructed in how to update and check the evite.
  4. At troop meetings - announce the event, hand out flier and have sign up sheet-(there should be an adult and scout section and-phone numbers). Get sign ups.
  5. Send out an e-mail asking scouts to sign up for trip (obtain complete email list from committee chairman);
  6. Take the list of scouts and adults and fax or e-mail to the Adult in charge;
  7. Plan the food - try to have a scout that needs to satisfy Second Class requirement 2 (g) do the planning;
  8. Get equipment from the quartermaster;
  9. E-mail everyone that is going on trip-remind them to check gear list on website-ask for food help if needed., tell them where and when they are meeting and returning, and where they are going, and what they are doing ;
  10. When packing for the trip, make sure to bring roster of who is going, along with their phone #'s. Make sure to take Roll Call at night, and before leaving camp.

Time Line for Adult Leader

  1. Complete and File Local Tour Permit with Marin Council office in San Rafael (fax# is 454-5511);
  2. Arrange for Campsite as needed;
  3. Contact Adults for drivers;
  4. Contact Anne Fellows to get driver information/registration forms. All drivers must have one on file in order to drive on a trip.
  5. Organize food for adults-can ask other adults going to bring food;
  6. Get medical forms from Quartermaster;
  7. e-mail the advancement chairperson - include days camped, community service hrs., miles hiked for all scouts that went on trip.
  8. Send in excursion and expense reimbursement form to troop treasurer.